Courtesy Photo
Special Forces took home the first place trophy at the 33rd Annual Mid-Summer Classic Slowpitch Softball Tournament.

The weekend of July 27 and July 28 in Eureka brought what is known as the Eureka VFW Post 8194 33rd Annual Mid-Summer Classic Slowpitch Softball Tournament. This year’s tournament consisted of 12 teams from around Nevada competing for the 1st place trophy, as well as having the honor of having their name bestowed on the Tommy Thomas Memorial Trophy for 2019 year. Games started in the early morning with the fresh humidity from the downpour rain the day before until late in the evening when the summertime sunset would be long gone.

Saturday the 27th challenged the teams to put out their very best, while having the upmost amount of fun of course, all until only 6 teams would remain to participate in the second day. That night held the fun games everyone looks forward to, such as the Relay Throw, Base Running, and why not throw a Home Rome Derby in there. So many people participated in that evening, and the sound of joyful laughs and conversations were heard amidst the calm breeze.

Sunday was the day that was seen as the prize day. Games were so intense as scores were being alternated between the teams every single inning leaving the crowds on the edge of their seats wondering who would continue on in their pursuit of the trophy. At the end of the day, it came down to two teams, Special Forces from Elko, Nevada and STI from Las Vegas, Nevada. The rallies were on and the battle lasted longer than anyone thought it would, but in the end, Special Forces was able to hold on to the lead and added another 1st place to their now 4 year in a row championships at the VFW classic.

All in all, this weekend brought many to our wonderful little town and was able to create a fun experience for all who attended. We would like to thank everyone who came and participated, either as an audience member or as a player, and we hope to see you next year at the 34th Mid-Summer Classic.