Eureka County Sheriff, Jessie Watts sent Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak a letter earlier this month. The letter is dated January 7, 2020, describing Watts discontent on Sisolak’s signing of the controversial gun law, AB291,

According to Watts letter, he explains that he wrote a letter to Sisolak in February of 2019 stating his disgrace of how Sisolak and others politicians used the Oct. 1 shooting tragedy to create new, unconstitutional laws.

“Our founding fathers were genius when they wrote the document you are walking all over and swore to protect and defend. That document is the Constitution of the United States of America,” Watts explains.

Probably one of the most impactful new laws of the 71 that became effective Jan. 1, is AB291. When Sisolak signed the bill into law in October of last year, it was called the One October Bill. Sisolak had signed the ban into law alongside the bill’s democratic Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui. Jauregui is a survivor of One October.

What is AB291? It is a law that bans bump stock modifications and institutes so-called “red flag” laws. “Red flag” laws allow people to petition the courts to temporarily take away guns from family members who could be considered dangerous. The law allows family members, household members and law enforcement to petition the courts. If the court decides to take away a firearm, the subject of the confiscation has to turn them over or the court will issue a warrant to seize the guns. The law also bans bump stocks.

Watts letter goes on to state that he will be fighting AB291, “until there is no fight left in me. This law and others you have signed into law violates the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment rights of the people of Nevada.”

During a televised event last year, Sisolak stated, “Everybody knows about what happened here and this is going to go a long way towards keeping our community safer. It’s reasonable. No one can object to any of this: the banning of bump stocks, the safe storage, blood alcohol level being reduced for people that are carrying guns. I’m proud to have signed this and it’s fitting that we did it here.”

Watts remains strong in his stance stating, “As the duly elected Sheriff of Eureka County, it is my duty and responsibility to stand with my citizens and against you and unconstitutional government overreach. My distain for politicians, including you, for passing gun laws because they’ve made a campaign promise hasn’t changed.”

Watts said he hasn’t received a response from the governor’s office.