Due to the absence of two members of the board of county commissioners, the remaining three decided to delay action on the controversial issues of Nevada Assembly Bill 291, and joining other counties of Nevada in efforts to declare themselves Second Amendment Constitutional counties.

Commission vice-chairman Jared Brackenbury told the Record “Red Flag” involves a lawsuit initiated by Elko County against the state legislature for not following the Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

The particular section is part of Nevada Assembly AB 291, approved in the state legislature last spring. If implemented, it would “allow law enforcement or concerned family members to get an order temporarily seizing firearms that belong to someone who poses a serious risk of personal injury to themselves or others.”

Sheriff Kerry Lee said earlier “most sheriffs don’t want to see the bill passed either,” thinking it could lead to much wider seizure of personal firearms.

Brackenbury said Lincoln County is considering joining the lawsuit efforts. “Personally, I want to,” he said.

District Attorney Dylan Frehner has advised waiting until it can be determined what it would cost Lincoln County to join the lawsuit.

If Lincoln County declares itself a Second Amendment Constitutional County, this means the county will be in support of the Second Amendment, contending that state and federal laws will infringe on the Second Amendment right to bear arms. A number of Nevada counties have already done this or are giving the matter strong consideration.

Brackenbury said, “We’re going to do it.”

But the board took no action, due to the absence of two board members and their input, plus the recommendation of the district attorney to wait until some of the language is corrected to clearly spell out the county’s thinking.

Having the wording include the term “constitutional county,” the DA stated, “indicates we’re upholding the law” as stated in the Second Amendment.

Both issues, for discussion and possible action, will likely be on the March 16 meeting agenda.